Corona Care Toolkit

Anxiety. Exhaustion. Fear. Uncertainty. 

We're all feeling it.

You can use the skills of emotional intelligence to take better care of yourself, your team and your family. 

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Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Marc Brackett, Ph.D.

Our Emotion Brain Trust

Associate Director, 
Yale Center for 
Emotional Intelligence

Robin Stern, Ph.D.

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Emotional Tsunami

The coronavirus brings challenges to our health, wealth, businesses, relationships, and more. Our feelings are turned up to 11 while our resilience is tested hourly. It can be challenging. Or, worse.

We recently conducted a nationwide survey to better understand the "before and after" of emotions and this global event. We found that people's #1 emotion now is 
anxiety, compared to the #1 emotion before the coronavirus: calm. It's like an emotional tsunami has arrived.  

We Want to Help

We don't know how to build advanced medical devices, but we do know a bit about emotions. That's why we've developed a set of FREE emotional intelligence tools that can help you cope with coronavirus now. 

Our goal: to help you push back the chaos during these tense times. By using emotional intelligence skills, you'll be better able to recognize the feelings that are driving you. Most importantly, you'll learn how to regulate your emotions so you can match your mood to your mission. And, you'll be able to help others – family, team and customers – regulate, too. 

If you're finding the current emotional landscape difficult to navigate, these tools can help.


Corona Care Toolkit

A hands-on guide that will help you navigate the emotional challenges at work and at home. 

Learn emotion regulation strategies, techniques to achieve calm amidst chaos, and ways to combat emotion contagion.

Most Common Emotion

Emotional Intelligence in Action

Interested in the Emotion Life Lab?

Our growing library of videos includes webinars and discussions that explore emotional intelligence and how to apply during this difficult time. Featuring Marc Brackett and Robin Stern.

Coping with Corona 


Tune in to our series of emotional intelligence webinars that tackle general EI topics as well as the special emotional challenges of coronavirus. Marc Brackett and Robin Stern lend their unique insights along with special guests.

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