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Start small. Prove it works.
Get executive approval.

EI training helps increase retention, reduce burnout, and boost productivity. But a companywide rollout is a big ask. So, let’s roll it out on a small scale first—and get the data you need to prove it will work across your company.



Start small.
Prove it works.
Get executive approval.



Proof of
Performance report

How it works

The pilot program is simple and low risk, and the Oji team will be with you every step of the way.

Step 1

Select your participants

First, you’ll choose the employees for your EI training pilot. You can select a team that works together, or several employees from various departments across the company. We've seen great pilots with 10-100 participants.

Step 2

Establish success metrics

You’ll work with our team of experts to help choose two or three key metrics (creativity, decision-making) to track. These will help you determine whether Oji Emotions can move the needle for your team where it really matters.

Step 3

Run the pilot

The pilot program takes about 90 days. Your participants will go through the full Oji Emotions experience–tracking their progress, receiving feedback, and enjoying access to live expert coaching. You’ll have complete visibilty into how they’re doing, too.

Step 4

Proof of Impact

When the pilot ends, your personalized Proof of Impact report will give you a complete summary of your pilot results, including the data you'll need to make the case internally for a broader rollout.

Let’s talk

You won’t be going first

In case you’re wondering, we’re well past the piloting stage of the pilot program. We’ve proven over and over this low-risk approach works for Oji customers. Just one example:

Yes, this works

Biosense, a division of Johnson & Johnson, put 20 employees through the Oji Emotions pilot. The program proved so successful that the company has since rolled it out to thousands of its employees. Read the article.

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