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Society is focused now on race and racism in a way that hasn't happened for a generation. The group discusses tools that you can use to navigate the emotional terrain of this emotional topic.

Associate Director, 
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence 

Robin Stern, Ph.D.


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The Emotions of Racism
Janet Miller Evans, David Grant and Steven Baines, with Andrea Hoban

Robin combines her decades as a psychoanalyst, her groundbreaking work as co-developer of RULER, and her work with leading organizations to deliver unique insights and practical skills that can help you live and work with emotional intelligence. 

As a co-founder of Oji Life Lab, Robin played an instrumental role in designing the company's EI learning programs.

Robin is the Co-Founder and Associate Director for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Robin is the author of the critically acclaimed books The Gaslight Effect and Project Rebirth.  Her work has received attention in Time, Washington Post, The Today Show, and Harvard Business Review.

Corona Care Toolkit

The Best Way to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Built in collaboration with our co-founders Marc Brackett and Robin Stern from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the Emotion Life Lab is a complete EI learning program in the palm of your hand.

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The Emotion Life Lab includes everything you need to build the EI skills that will help you every day, at work and at home. The sequence of 50 micro-lessons will deepen your knowledge and skills. And the live sessions, led by an Oji Coach, deliver personalized coaching while exploring key concepts in greater depth.

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Andrea Hoban

Co-Founder &
Head of Learning,
Oji Life Lab

As Head of Learning at Oji Life Lab, Andrea applies the insights gained from more than a decade of training innovation to every aspect of the Oji learning experience. Andrea is responsible for designing the firm's Life Labs and managing the company's team of Coaches.

Before co-founding the company, Andrea was responsible for global skills training at Robert Half, the international staffing firm. There, she managed a team of instructional designers and facilitators that trained 10,000 employees in 17 countries. Prior to entering the training field, Andrea was a sales executive at Robert Half.

Bringing added depth to her training work, Andrea is also a certified coach as well as a yoga instructor.